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Russia Plans Its First Manned Lunar Mission in 2031; NASA Aims for Return to the Moon, ‘To Stay’

Feb. 9, 2019—According to a document prepared by the Russian Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TsNIIMash), obtained by Sputnik, Russia is planning to put a man on the Moon by 2031. “The purpose of the mission is to carry the crew to the Moon,” while the mission plan for 2031 is related to “the cosmonauts’ activities on the Moon” and performing tasks set by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

A heavy lunar rover capable of transporting cosmonauts, as well as a second manned expedition, are expected to be delivered to the Moon by 2032. The second crew will be charged with testing vehicles designed to travel on the surface of the Moon and in 2033 cosmonauts are scheduled to undertake long-distance trips on the lunar rover to conduct scientific research and test robotic systems. The construction of the first Russian lunar base is set to begin in 2034 and continue in 2035.

Across the Atlantic, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine commented on U.S. plans for a lunar mission posted on the Ozy news outlet yesterday. He wrote that

“as a lifelong NASA supporter, I am thrilled to be talking once again about landing humans on the Moon. But to some, saying we’re returning to the Moon implies we’ll be doing the same as we did 50 years ago. I want to be clear—that is not our vision.... We are going to the Moon with innovative new technologies and systems to explore more locations across the surface than we ever thought possible. This time, when we go to the Moon, we will stay....

“Billions of people around the world will watch history being made as astronauts explore more of the surface for longer periods of time than ever before, and help us prepare for missions to Mars and other destinations,”

he wrote.