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McCabe Book and ‘60 Minutes’ Interview Again Reveal Live Coup

Feb. 18, 2019 (EIRNS)—The “Eight Days in May” in which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe plotted a coup against President Donald Trump, following the firing of FBI Director James Comey, are now making their way, loudly, back into the American consciousness. It is like a re-run of the Zapruder film over and over again from the grassy knoll. Remember, a lot of this came to light as a New York Times “bombshell” back in September 2018, detailing how Rosenstein raised “wearing a wire” to record the President and garner support for invoking the 25th Amendment. That same month saw the New York Times “bombshell” anonymous story allegedly involving a high administration official telling the public that the President’s own administration was resisting his agenda on behalf of their idea of how the country should work.

All of Washington moved to quell the uproar then, because of the inevitable conclusion about what it must mean for the origins of Robert Mueller’s specious investigation. In throwing Rosenstein under the bus, backed by former FBI General Counsel James Baker, McCabe has usefully reintroduced, forcefully, back into the national consciousness, the fact that we are living amidst a coup. Every legal commentator who is not insane has recognized what this means: Alan Dershowitz, Andy McCarthy, Sidney Powell, Joseph diGenova, and many, many others. Baker had testified that he believed that two cabinet officials had signalled that they were onboard with invocation of the 25th Amendment.

The question now is whether the furies will this time emerge, and fight to end this national nightmare.

As we have documented, the coup was instigated by the British with the dubious dossier of Christopher Steele and efforts to turn it into something other than the sloppy and insane intelligence product it is. McCabe has stated repeatedly, that, without the Steele dossier, there would never have been Russiagate. Similarly, former National Security Agency Technical Director Bill Binney’s recent studies, coupled with his previous work, provide irrefutable proof that the Russians are not responsible for the WikiLeaks trove of documents which showed Hillary Clinton rigging the election against Bernie Sanders. This is the largest intelligence fraud in history and McCabe’s “revelations” simply concern the end stage of the initial process.

McCabe’s additional spins for the Resist partisans he is addressing, involve what seem to be a complete mis-briefing of the President as to whether McCabe was “resisting Comey.” According to McCabe, Trump told him he had heard that McCabe was part of the FBI resistance to Comey. If this or something similar ever happened, McCabe is claiming some form of mind meld with Trump, insisting that, by this mistake, the President was obviously trying to get him to say he was resisting Comey in order to keep his job. McCabe also claims that Trump believed Putin over the U.S. intelligence community as to whether North Korean missiles could reach the United States.

This and the phony Steele dossier, and firing the “respected” James Comey, were the basis upon which Rosenstein and McCabe discussed renewed efforts to get rid of the duly elected President while opening criminal and counterintelligence investigations with Trump as the target. The President has appropriately responded to McCabe’s “60 Minutes” speech by calling it treason, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is vowing immediate hearings.