Executive Intelligence Review


Wind and Solar Triple the Cost of Electricity

Feb. 18, 2019 (EIRNS)—Countries that reach the dubious “milestone” of 1 kw per capita of installed wind and solar electricity, gain far higher electricity prices to residential and commercial consumers, than other countries. This is exemplified by Denmark and Germany, which each are at the top of the installed wind and solar scale, having more than 1 kw per capita, and in which the average residential electricity prices to consumers are 32-34 cents/kwh—by far the highest of any industrial country—with commercial bulk sales in the range of 25 cents/kwh. The United States average residential price in 2017, for comparison, was 13 cents/kwh.

The “Green New Deal” can thus promise a tripling of electricity costs, along with the other austerity conditions and economic collapse it would deliver.

The data are from the German trade publication Strom.