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Chinese Media Show Restrained Optimism About the U.S.-China Trade Negotiations‘

Feb. 26, 2019 (EIRNS)—After President Donald Trump tweeted Feb. 24 that he was postponing the March 1 deadline for increased tariffs against China, in expectation of achieving an overall agreement in his next meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Global Times editorialized on Feb. 25 that

“It is clear that the majority of problems have been solved by the China-U.S. trade talks. The two sides are preparing text for the agreement. It doesn’t mean a trade deal is now certain. Both sides still need to strive for it.”

The editorial expressed concern that the agreement be accepted by

“the public” in both countries, and that radical obstructionists on both sides be kept at bay: “The agreement has to face public scrutiny, as any compromise will be criticized by both societies. The two sides need to finish up the final work of the trade talks and make sure about the signing of the agreement. They also need to promote understanding with the public to support a final mutual compromise. The public mustn’t be misled by certain radical advocacy from either country or obstruct the implementation of the agreement.”‘

China Daily was also optimistic, but cautiously so.

“No one should underestimate how difficult the challenge is to find compromises that satisfy their respective interests. Despite the optimism expressed by both sides that a deal can be reached, there is still some uncertainty about what that might actually entail.... A comprehensive agreement would be the most desirable way to put an end to the dispute and that now appears to be in the cards.”‘

And Xinhua emphasized the importance of the personal roles of both Xi and Trump, which

“testify to the sincerity, high attention and sense of urgency of both the Chinese and U.S. sides.... The two sides have no better alternative but to work with each other for their own good and the interest of the whole world. In their efforts to hash out an agreement, China and the United States are better advised to work for the best results while preparing for the worst scenario.”‘