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Democrats’ Ploy with Michael Cohen to Subvert Trump’s Peace Effort in Korea

Feb. 27, 2019 (EIRNS)—The President of the United States today was meeting in Vietnam with Kim Jong Un for purposes of negotiating the end of the wars which have plagued Southeast Asia under British instigation since Franklin Roosevelt’s death. As opposed to the longstanding rule of American diplomacy, that political differences are left on the shore when the President is abroad, particularly when the President is negotiating war and peace, Washington was turned into a zoo on Feb. 27 by a staged Congressional hearing aimed directly at undermining the President’s efforts. In former days, the public would have been completely repulsed and incensed by this seditious Democratic spectacle, and there is every sign they will be so now if they understand what is at stake.

The British Empire led the effort to overturn the 2016 U.S. presidential election based on the complete lie and fabrication now known as Russiagate. It is clear that the Democrats know there is no proof of collusion and Russiagate was a fraud. But the British have sworn, in such places as the House of Lords Report, “U.K. Foreign Policy in a Shifting World,” that Donald Trump must not have a second term. That is the context of the two events of the day, Feb. 27, 2019, a potentially huge moment for the future of all of mankind undertaken by Donald Trump, and the cheap dirty tricks undertaken by an insane and Jacobin Democratic Party to prevent that.

In the annals of Congressional testimony, most public relations experts chalk up John Dean and Ollie North as pulling off scripted appearances which changed the course of events. Good theater in the fake public relations world of narratives. Not so with Clinton fixer Lanny Davis scrubbing of Michael Cohen for his appearance today in what is appropriately called the opening of the shit storm the Democratic Party proposes as appropriate impeachment proceedings for this President.

Admittedly, Davis was working with a client who has been convicted of multimillion-dollar tax evasion, bank fraud, and lying to Congress itself. The sole line of testimony the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York bought from Cohen involving Donald Trump was that Cohen tried to pay off two ladies of the night who claimed sexual relationships with Donald Trump, claiming it was a “campaign finance violation” by Cohen which Donald Trump allegedly knew about. The same prosecutors said in their sentencing memorandum that Michael Cohen had no remorse for his crimes, that he would consistently blame others for his own actions, and that he was seeking revenge for not getting a job in the White House.

According to Congressman Jim Jordan’s examination, Cohen even lied about delivering his own child, a statement his wife was forced to correct for the record. Michael Cohen also paid a firm to set up a Twitter account called “Women for Cohen” in which paid tweets were sent out of the variety: “in a world of lies and deceptions, thank god for Michael Cohen, #tgif, #honest, #sexy.” Cohen lied several times during the hearing itself, most dramatically concerning a statement under oath as part of his testimony, saying that he had no foreign contracts, when, in fact, he did. This completely obvious lie was papered over by Congressman Elijah Cummings, over heated objections from Republicans.

So, the Democrats presented endless statements from Cohen about the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal payoffs, a claim that Cohen overheard a call between the President and Roger Stone about WikiLeaks, that Trump is a racist, that Trump inflated his finances to Deutsche Bank and for the Forbes millionaires’ list, that Trump lied about his taxes and many other things, along with multiple insinuations that Cohen was assisting prosecutors in the Southern District of New York in ongoing investigations of the President.

Cohen did not say he had any corroboration for the Stone/Trump conversation involving WikiLeaks and this also was obviously false. The conversation, portrayed as conveying “secret information” by Stone to Trump in July 2016, was actually information which had already been made public by Julian Assange back in June. Obviously, even Mueller didn’t buy Cohen’s insinuation since he did not charge Stone with it.

Cohen was forced to admit that Trump never told him to lie in testimony, instead stating that Trump somehow telegraphed what he wanted without ever saying it. The absurd premise underlying the entirety of Cohen’s testimony was that Donald Trump somehow runs a cult which first sucked in his previous staff in the Trump organization and now has sucked in his Administration and an entire nation. In fact, Cohen said almost exactly that in response to various Democratic Party interrogators. It is a corollary that the disassociated rage displayed by Cohen when confronted with his lies is typical of someone who has been deprogrammed, as happened with many witnesses in the LaRouche cases.

Otherwise, at the end of the hearing Congressman Jim Jordan summarized the lies which Cohen told in Wednesday’s hearing itself. He claimed that he never committed bank fraud when he was convicted of that crime. While claiming to be a good lawyer, he said he never considered whether the alleged payoffs to women were legal or the right thing to do. He admitted to recording his own clients and in fact, eagerly offered up the tapes if the Committee asked for them, regardless of attorney-client privilege. He gave two completely contradictory accounts of the $130,000 Stormy Daniels payment. He claimed that he did not set up the Women for Cohen Twitter account, when, in fact, he did. He claimed that he was not exercising revenge against Donald Trump for not giving him a job in the administration when, in fact, the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York confirmed that that was exactly the case. This was all in addition to the false report, signed under oath, concerning his foreign contacts cited by Congressman Mark Meadows.