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Trade Representative Lighthizer Testifies in Congress on U.S.-China Trade Deal

Feb. 28, 2019 (EIRNS)—U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer testified before the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee on the China-U.S. trade deal negotiations on Feb. 27.

“We have to have the ability to take proportional action, unilaterally, to make sure we have a situation where they [China] are following an agreement,” Lighthizer said according to Sputnik.

“If we can complete this [negotiating] effort, and again I say if, and if we can reach a satisfactory conclusion to the all-important outstanding issue of enforceability as well as some other concerns, we might be able to have an agreement that helps us turn the corner in our economic relationship with China.”

Lighthizer said President Donald Trump would not seek Congressional approval on any deal that is reached with China.

“This is a settlement of a 301 action, the President using his power under Section 301, which has been delegated [by Congress] and it’s an executive agreement which the Constitution gives the President the right to enter into,”

Lighthizer said. “We have no intention of submitting it to Congress.”