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Tulsi Gabbard Rips Both Parties for Regime-Change Wars

March 1, 2019 (EIRNS)—Tucker Carlson invited Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) to his Thursday night show on Fox, on Feb. 28, stating that he disagreed with most of her “progressive” policies, but admired her stand against virtually all of the Washington establishment’s support for regime-change wars.

Gabbard said:

“I am a soldier in the Army National Guard. I have served now for nearly 15 years, served on two Middle East deployments, and I know personally firsthand the cost of war....

“I have seen how self-serving powerful politicians from both parties have continued this foreign policy regime change war view, where they think that we, the United States should be acting as the policeman of the world and that we should continue to go around and overthrowing and toppling dictators or countries who we don’t like, costing us, the American people trillions of dollars in the process, causing more suffering in the countries where we go and wage these wars and oh, by the way undermining our own national security as we are seeing playing out before our eyes in countries like North Korea, where Kim Jong Un has clearly stated that he is holding on to these nuclear weapons as his only deterrent against the United States coming in and waging a regime-change war in North Korea.

“So while I am deeply concerned about the fact that this summit yesterday ended without an agreement, because we need to see denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula, it’s not surprising because of this policy, this regime change war policy, that again, leaders in both parties in the foreign policy establishment here in Washington have perpetuated over and over and over again.”

Gabbard pointed to the military-industrial complex role in perpetuating these wars, and said:

“The most unfortunate thing is, they sell them under the guise of humanitarianism to the American people, who want to do good things, who want to be able to help people who are suffering, but not facing the truth that in each of these different examples they have resulted in far more suffering for the people they are supposedly trying to help.”

Carlson prefaced a question to Gabbard, stating that she has announced as a presidential candidate, and then asked if anyone had agreed to debate her on this issue. She replied:

“No. No. Constantly I see, again, people from both parties, instead resorting to name-calling or superficial attacks, because they refuse to engage on the substance of this argument, about why they continue to push for and wage these regime-change wars, ignoring the disastrous consequences on the people of those countries and the American people.

“The fact is, these wars are costing us, the American taxpayers, trillions of dollars that should be here, that should be invested in things like rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, invested in the needs of our people.”