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Patrick Moore, Greenpeace Co-Founder, Rips ‘Green New Deal’ Genocide

March 3, 2019 (EIRNS)—Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace who dropped out when they denounced nuclear power, countered Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as a genocidal piece of lunacy in a series of remarks on Twitter on Feb. 23. Replying to a tweet from Ocasio-Cortez, he wrote:

“Pompous little twit. You don’t have a plan to grow food for 8 billion people without fossil fuels, or get the food into the cities. Horses? If fossil fuels were banned every tree in the world would be cut down for fuel for cooking and heating. You would bring about mass death.” And then replying to another person posting on Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter page, he wrote:

“You are delusional if you think fossil fuels will end any time soon, maybe in 500 yrs. AOC’s attitude is unjustifiably condescending. She is a neophyte pretending to be wise. Her kind bring ruination if allowed to be ‘in charge.’ (from the cheap seats).”

On Feb. 19, Moore wrote a post, and included graphics to prove his point:

“AOC’s Green New Deal calls for: ‘(J) removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.’ … Technically (scientifically) this would mean removing all H2O vapour and all CO2 which would mean the eradication of all life on Earth. Brilliant.”