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New German Book Insists a Child Is the Worst Thing You Can Do to the Environment

March 7, 2019 (EIRNS)—German author Verena Brunschweiger, in her new book Kinderfrei statt Kinderlos: Ein Manifesto (Child Free, Instead of Childless: A Manifesto), released yesterday by Büchner Verlag and is getting prominent coverage, as in today’s Bildzeitung. The paper reports Brunschweiger’s recommendation that if woman has no children on behalf of the environment, she should get a €50,000 reward when she becomes 50 years old.

Austria’s daily Die Presse reports that, “The 38-year-old feminist researches the view that women who oppose children are courageous pioneers. Brunschweiger is quoted on the book’s cover blurb: ‘To live without children means to rebel against social expectations—and is therefore also a feminist decision.’ ”

In an interview with the Austrian Kurier, Brunschweiger substantiates her point of view. She holds that the decision to not put children into the world is also an ecological one: “A child is the worst thing that can be done to the environment. Every child not born into the world has a CO2 saving of around 58.6 tons per year,” she told the Kurier.

The newspaper continues, that “at the same time, the 38-year-old also criticizes some mothers.

‘There are often selfish or narcissistic motives behind the desire to have a baby. The entire culture is currently geared towards bringing children into the world.’ With her book, the German wants to help break this taboo.”

The Kurier article concludes, “Brunschweiger is also politically active. Since 2002 she has been involved in the SPD [Germany’s Social Democratic Party], especially in women’s politics.”