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Media Sources Say Trump Offered North Korea Full Removal of Sanctions for Full Denuclearization

March 12, 2019 (EIRNS)—Both John Bolton and Stephen Biegun said this week that the Trump Administration will insist on a total agreement with North Korea, not a step-by-step approach. Bolton, speaking on the Sunday talking heads’ shows March 10, also proclaimed that chemical and biological weapons must also be given up as part of the package. Biegun, speaking at the Carnegie Institute yesterday, said there was “complete unity” in the administration on insisting on a total package.

The Washington Post reported March 11 that sources who attended the Hanoi Summit confirmed that President Trump had offered “full sanctions relief for full denuclearization.”

There is not yet a date for the next round of negotiations. The media are full of stories that North Korea is preparing a missile test, which is purely speculative, based only on some minor construction at a former missile site.