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Global Times Runs Editorial on China as the Impetus for European Growth

March 25, 2019 (EIRNS)—The March 24 editorial in China’s Global Times, aptly headlined, “BRI Will Inject Positive Impetus in Europe,” presents the benefits Italy will receive from a strengthened relationship to China’s Belt and Road, following Italy’s signing an MOU with Beijing joining the BRI on March 22.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe continues this week. More than 123 countries and 29 international organizations have signed onto cooperation to jointly build the Belt and Road, which they see as a means to increase their development and prosperity.

The United States has been publicly opposing Italy’s endorsement of the Belt and Road, the editorial says. Some warn the MOU is spreading China’s influence, and Italy could turn into China’s “Trojan Horse.”

Global Times counters that “the BRI is about cooperation.” For Italy, it’s “a chance to revive its port and serve as a new economic driving force. Compared to other Western countries, Italy’s cooperation with China lags. Other countries should be happy for Italy’s new foreign potentials,” Global Times says.

The editorial goes on,

“Some Americans are too sensitive. Their view of China is increasingly geopolitical, as if Beijing is always aiming at Washington, regardless of the country China develops relations with. The U.S. is still powerful, but Americans’ nerves are collapsing too quickly. We sincerely hope the friendly and broad-minded MOU between China and Italy will dispel other countries’ anxiety....

“A few countries hope that Italy’s relations with China will not become too close. This shows their unhealthy state of mind.”

Noting that “Some Europeans are concerned that China’s rise will hurt Europe,” the editorial concludes, “Competition always exists, and as a continent that started the industrial revolution, Europe should have confidence. Europe still leads China in technology. Instead of expecting China to stop its development, Europe should move faster.”

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