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Clinton Pollster Targets British Empire Agent Steele, Defends Presidency

March 26, 2019 (EIRNS)—Writing in The Hill that “The Steele/Mueller Nightmare Is Over and Should Be,” Mark Penn, President Clinton’s pollster during the impeachment period, demanded action against those who put the country through “two years of speculative stories and lurid headlines” without any factual basis.

“It is now clear, I think, that the Fusion GPS effort with former British spy Christopher Steele was the real driver of this national obsession,” Penn argued on March 24. “Those who launched this disruption of the presidency on the basis of questionable evidence and procedures should be held accountable for their actions. Those who were investigated but not charged should have their legal fees reimbursed.”

He roasts Congressmen Schiff and Nadler’s intent to continue investigations as “the kind of raw partisanship” which,

“after the largest criminal investigation of a campaign and an administration in history, has no place in our democracy. It’s an abuse of power without precedent. The Mueller investigation systematically went after everyone named in the Steele dossier, using the toughest possible tactics. Rather than investigate the crime, they investigated the people, finding unrelated crimes to use as leverage to squeeze out any potential drops of evidence related to collusion. They still came up empty on Russian collusion and in trying to implicate Donald Trump.”

Citing his experience in 1998, helping defend President Clinton from impeachment, Penn addressed the issue raised by President Donald Trump, albeit without citing him: that no president should be subjected to such investigations, ever.

“We need all our presidents, Democrat and Republican, being able to focus on the job without the constant pressure of investigations of themselves, their families and their administrations.... Let our presidents do their job. It’s time for our government to get back to being devoted to solving the problems of people and to get out of the endless investigation business.”

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