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Trump Raises Question of Treason Behind Assault on the Presidency

March 26, 2019 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump celebrated in a morning tweet today the general revulsion over the mainstream media’s disgusting role in the now-proven false “Russian collusion” campaign—a campaign identified increasingly as “the WMD lie” of today. (Seymour Hersh became the latest to make that charge, in an email to The Hill.)

“The Mainstream Media is under fire and being scorned all over the World as being corrupt and FAKE. For two years they pushed the Russian Collusion Delusion when they always knew there was No Collusion. They truly are the Enemy of the People and the Real Opposition Party!”

the President tweeted.

Yesterday, in addressing reporters at the White House after his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Trump spoke of treason when discussing Russiagate, and the urgency of defending the institution of the Presidency itself from such assaults.

“There are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things. I would say treasonous things against our country.

“And hopefully people that have done such harm to our country ... those people will certainly be looked at. I have been looking at them for a long time. And I’m saying, ‘Why haven’t they been looked at?’ They lied to Congress. Many of them—you know who they are—they’ve done so many evil things.

“We can never let this happen to another President again. I can tell you that. I say it very strongly. Very few people I know could have handled it. We can never, ever let this happen to another President again,” the President said.

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