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Trump Makes Case for Arms Reduction Talks with Russia and China

April 5, 2019—Speaking to journalists at the White House before his bilateral meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He regarding the trade talks on April 4, President Donald Trump brought up (without being asked) the urgency of the U.S., Russia and China negotiating an arms limitation agreement.

“Between Russia, China and us,” Trump said

“we’re all making hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons, including nuclear, which is ridiculous. ... I think it’s much better if we all got together and we didn’t make these weapons. So I think that’s something that could be a phase two after this is done. But, as you know, China is spending a lot of money on military. So are we. So is Russia. And those three countries, I think, can came together and stop the spending and spend on things that maybe are more productive toward long-term peace.”

The President then turned to Liu He, saying: “I don’t know if I’m speaking out of turn. We haven’t discussed this very much, but I feel that, you know, the military expenditure of you, and Russia, us—it’s a lot. A lot of money could be put in other things. Would you like to respond to that?”

Liu He replied: “I think it is a very good idea,” and Trump agreed.

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