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Nunes Will Send Eight Criminal Referrals This Week of Obama Intelligence Officials

April 7, 2019—California Rep. Devin Nunes (R) announced today on Fox News that he will send eight criminal referrals to the Justice Department this week related to the Obama Administration’s handling of the Trump-Russia investigation. All the referrals will be classified.

Nunes, ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said that five of the referrals are straightforward, naming specific persons suspected of specific crimes.

The other three are more complicated—conspiracy cases under the conspiracy statute. These are:

  1. Conspiracy in defrauding the FISA Court;

  2. Conspiracy in the manipulation of intelligence, which “could involve many Americans” (implying that this will go after Steele and the British role as well);

  3. Conspiracy to leak classified material, what he called a “global leak referral.”

On the leaks, he said that his committee had gathered evidence for two and a half years, and he had a “pretty good idea who is behind them.” They were always reported as coming from “unnamed sources” and from “high-level” members of the intelligence community. He also stated that he did not know whether the DOJ had been investigating these leaks already.

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