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William Craddick Features ‘It’s Time for Bolton To Go’

April 9, 2019(EIRNS)—Thus titled William Craddick of Disobedient Media his latest article, published yesterday. “Has there ever been a single individual in the Trump Administration who has caused more damage to the President’s agenda?” he asks.

It was President Donald Trump’s March 17 re-tweeting of a tweet by Craddick on the British hand behind Russiagate—“Russiagate was designed in part to help the UK counter Russian influence by baiting the United States into taking a hard line against them. Leaves us all with a more dangerous world as a consequence. Just another episode of the Great Game.”—which so upset London.

In his current article, Craddick warns the President that John Bolton represents an “extreme danger” as the establishment war party’s man deployed to sink his Presidency:

“Bolton’s hawkish views and his tendency to subvert anyone he personally feels poses a threat to American security and interests make him an extreme danger to the current government. A failure to replace him will leave Trump unable to secure the promises he made to his constituents about curtailing foreign wars and creating new economic opportunities for the United States.”

Craddick focuses on two particular fronts of Bolton’s warmongering: North Korea (advocating “the Libyan model”) and the campaign against Venezuela and the “Troika of Tyranny.” On the latter, Craddick accurately foresees that “the problems that are ongoing in Venezuela today play into a wider trend of regional destabilization across Latin America that would only be intensified by Bolton’s intended policies and cause a major refugee crisis for the United States.”

Craddick hammered on the pitfalls of this Venezuela operation with a tweet later in the day linked to an article on elements of the narcoterrorist FARC regrouping for war in Colombia, accompanied by his warning that “If Trump goes with the Bolton-Pence plan to destabilize Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba it won’t just be those three countries that fall apart. Ripple effects are serious and will have major consequences for the United States.”

Let Venezuela and North Korea become Bolton’s “Waterloo Moment,” Craddick insists. “Trump must dismiss Bolton before he does irreparable damage to the administration’s America First foreign policy approach. This agenda has served as a threat to the GOP and neoconservative establishment. Bolton is their plan to stave off any further damage.”

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