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Earth Day Is the Queen’s Birthday

April 22, 2019 (EIRNS)—How fitting that April 22, the day Queen Elizabeth II was born 93 years ago, is the day chosen by the oligarchy for their Malthusian worship of Mother Earth. How about we burn some oligarchical trash to celebrate?

Among the garbage bag of articles written to “celebrate” the event, one in the widely circulated USAToday stands out. Among the “science-based facts” they choose to emphasize, is a “new study” which claims to show that “we” can now be 99.99999% certain that human beings are at the root of global warming.

“That means we’ve reached the ‘gold standard’ for certainty,” say the clowns, “a statistical measure typically used in particle physics.”

Now, the publishers at Gannett either have a perverse sense of humor, or they are practicing a new form of economic censorship, for the study they cite, from the February 2019 issue of Nature magazine, is not likely to be read—considering the publication’s $213 annual subscription cost—by more than 0.00001% of the population! Conversely, all “skeptics” can now proudly claim that they are part of the 0.00001% of the population.

Otherwise, the “Road to the Green New Deal” is now rolling on, with a series of Nuremberg-style rallies taking place for the next month across the country. After launching in Boston on April 18, in a rally addressed by Rep. Ed Markey, then Detroit (addressed by Rep. Rashida Talib), the Earth Day rally is set for Des Moines, Iowa tonight. Sponsored by the Sunrise Movement, the website (where one can find the complete tour schedule) states: “We’ll lay out the plan to make the 2020 election a referendum on the Green New Deal, so we can make [it] law in 2021.”

Also, Bill McKibben is scheduled to lead a “litany” of “global warming alarmists” in how to reboot media coverage in the “reality of a 1.5˚ world,” Tuesday, April 30, at Columbia University. Otherwise an obvious master class in how to create “fake news,” this propaganda seminar is sponsored by the Columbia School of Journalism, The Nation, Britain’s daily Guardian, and WNYC radio.

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