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Larry Johnson Tells OANN, American People Must Learn How the British Set Up Russiagate

April 24, 2019 (EIRNS)—One America News Network’s April 23, “WOW!” news story referenced by President Donald Trump, titled “U.K. Spied on Trump Campaign, Passed Info to Obama Team,” opens with that statement of intent. Former CIA and State Department analyst Larry Johnson “told OANN that now that the Mueller probe is closed, it is time for the American people to learn the truth about how the British government helped the Obama Administration dodge the Fourth Amendment by spying on the 2016 Trump campaign for them,” reporter Neil W. McCabe announced at the outset.

It is recommended watching. Johnson, a prominent member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), details that the “Five Eyes club” for intelligence sharing “without attracting undue attention,” was the channel used to set off the Russian collusion hoax.

Former Pentagon official Evelyn Farkas admitted to CNN early in 2017 that Obama officials were very concerned to keep the Trump team from finding out “how we knew what we knew about the Trump staff dealings with Russians,” ostensibly because “they would compromise those sources and methods,” OANN reminded its viewers.

And why did the British do this?

“The British did this in part, I am given to understand by people familiar with what was up, because they were concerned about Trump’s policies on NATO and Syria, and they wanted to make sure they could start understanding what he’s up to,”

Johnson told OANN.

Enter Papadopoulos. How was he singled out by intelligence? His first communications from the U.K. to the United States were by email, and a couple of phone calls—and “those were intercepted, absolutely they were intercepted by the United Kingdom through its GCHQ, and that information was passed back to the U.S. through intelligence channels,” Johnson explains.

Then Papadopoulos was steered towards U.S.-Russia relations, sought out by “U.S. intelligence asset” Mifsud (in OANN’s description), who then offered Papadopoulos an introduction to Russian President Putin.

And thus, OANN’s McCabe concludes, “the Russian collusion hoax was born.”

Johnson’s interview, “Former CIA Analyst: U.K. Spied on Trump Campaign, Passed Info. to Obama Team,” is posted to OANN’s YouTube channel.

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