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French Dailies’ Supplement on BRI Covers Schiller Institute’s World Land-Bridge Report

PARIS, April 25 (EIRNS)—The major French dailies’ Le Figaro and Le Monde published today a full-page paid supplement from People’s Daily on the Belt and Road Initiative which includes three articles: a larger one entitled “BRI: Nearly Six Years of Achievement”; a second one entitled “One Liaison China-Europe Is Already on Good Rails” and, one last article, about one fifth of the page, is on the Schiller Institute’s book-length report “The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge,” and headlined “Everything You Want To Know about the ‘World Land-Bridge.’ ”

The first two articles give fulsome updates on the ongoing major Silk Road projects; the third one, on the Schiller Institute and its report, was written by Ge Wenbo. The item in the Le Monde supplement states:

“All You Need To Know about the ‘World Land-Bridge’

“Last year, on Nov. 6, the Schiller Institute, an international think tank, published the French version of its dossier ‘The New Silk Road, a World Land-Bridge To Bring Geopolitics to an End.’ The presentation, which took place in the Paris 5th arrondissement municipality, recommends countries to take part in the Belt and Road Initiative.

“Contrary to the analysts on the other side of the Atlantic, often prisoners of ‘geopolitical’ software in which the winner always gains to the detriment of the loser, we try to show here that a new win-win paradigm is not only possible but indispensable. Whereas the New Silk Road must be understood because of the major opportunity it represents for international trade, above all it must be understood, explains this dossier, as a multilateral alternative to financial globalization, a true leverage to restart growth and a chance for peace. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president and founder of the Institute, affirms that since its launching in 2013, the BRI has shaped the world. The Chinese initiative will have a growing influence over more and more countries and improve the future.”

A photo accompanies the article, showing a container ship at berth, with the caption: “Container ship CSCL Star, with thousands of containers onboard, sailed from Shanghai and reached France’s port of Le Havre a month later. That port plays an important role in the implementation of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.”

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