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Margaret Thatcher Comes Back from the Dead in Bizarre Channeling by Joe Biden and Mike Pompeo

May 8, 2019 (EIRNS)—As the Democratic Party lurches from stunt to stunt, guided by outright psychosis and the approaching furies of Justice, evildoers on both sides of the aisle are suddenly hot to evoke Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady of death and doom. Thatcher was, as Lyndon LaRouche often said, an unhinged and evil witch who should have been tried for crimes against humanity. Thatcher said, in her autobiography, that she treated President George H.W. Bush as her pet poodle, and history will undoubtedly show that she was absolutely right about that, if nothing else. Thatcher, Bush, and France’s President François Mitterrand set humanity back decades and precipitated millions of deaths when they failed to take the opportunity of 1989-91, beginning with the fall of the Berlin Wall and then the collapse of the Soviet Union, to forge a new higher order relationship between the world’s nations. They instead destroyed and looted Russia and most of Eastern Europe while continuing the British imperial order through ruthless austerity, war, and looting regimes imposed on the developing sector. Wags might ask, are the two guys recently claiming to commune with the dead lady, Joe Biden and Mike Pompeo, engaged in some bizarre British occult sexual ritual? What is the relationship of this Biden activity to his declared intention to use Make American Moral Again, or MAMA as a campaign slogan? We kid you not, he actually said this.

Here are the facts. On May 4th, Joe Biden was at a fundraiser in Columbia, South Carolina and said that Margaret Thatcher, dead since 2013, had called him to express concerns about Donald Trump and invited Biden to London to discuss the matter. Biden claimed later in his speech that he really meant Theresa May, attributing his citation of Margaret Thatcher to “a Freudian slip.” It got better from there. British officials first denied there was any such contact between Biden and May and then admitted that such a discussion about U.S./U.K. relations occurred on the sidelines of a McCain Institute event in London in October 2018. May’s discussions with Biden about Trump are perfectly coherent with Britain’s House of Lords, who declared their intention, in the December 2018 report entitled, “U.K. Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,” to prevent Trump’s re-election at any cost.

Then, the bellicose fathead, Mike Pompeo turned up in London itself to give the “Margaret Thatcher Lecture” at the Centre for Policy Studies. The CPS was founded in 1974 by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher, and, according to its website, “was responsible for developing the bulk of the policy agenda that became known as Thatcherism.” Channeling Thatcher’s sadistic domination of Bush when it came to muscling the U.S. into the horrific war in Iraq, Pompeo attempted to bully Theresa May not to go “wobbly” when it came to threatening and isolating China or promoting regime change in Iran. Pompeo claims to have told London that continued U.S. participation in the “special relationship” meant banning Huawei from British communications infrastructure. He nonetheless emerged to proclaim the special relationship, alive, well, and vibrant.

It is Pompeo who has blocked the President from hearing former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney’s evidence about the non-existent Russian hack at the DNC producing WikiLeaks’ documentation of DNC, Podesta, and Clinton perfidies. The non-existent hoax is at the heart of the Russiagate sedition aimed at destroying Donald Trump’s presidency. The British, and not the Russians, as many are now recognizing, were the foreign meddlers out to determine the 2016 U.S. presidential election and are now out to do so again. How quickly this becomes a fully developed and passionate issue within the U.S. population will determine the fate of the nation.

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