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Italy’s Five Stars Goes with ‘Clean Hands’ Campaign, at Least for European Election Campaign

May 9, 2019 (EIRNS)—Italy’s Five Star Movement has been taken over by the British-controlled Clean Hands apparatus—at least for the period leading up to the May 23-26 European elections. The M5S is facing a major drop in its vote from that in the March 2018 national elections, and has decided to go full speed ahead with an “anti-corruption” campaign to hit its government coalition partner, the Lega, as well as the opposition Democratic Party, with which they are competing for second place in the polls.

The Lega suffered a first setback when Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte fired one of its assets, Undersecretary of State to the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry Armando Siri, as a result of M5S pressures. Siri is under investigation for alleged corruption. Another investigation has been launched in Lombardy against several members of the regional council, and has expanded to Gov. Attilio Fontana of the Lega.

Two other investigations have hit Democratic Party officials—the governors of the Umbria and Calabria regions.

The M5S insists that all these officials should resign before they are proven guilty.

The mastermind of this campaign, according to many, is Clean Hands veteran prosecutor and member of the British-steered Transparency International Piercamillo Davigo, who is now head of the Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, the governing body of the judiciary. Davigo is said to be very close to the Five Stars.

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