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Barr Appoints John Durham To Go after Intelligence Community Malfeasance in Russiagate

May 15, 2019 (EIRNS)—Attorney General William Barr has appointed a top investigative lawyer, John Durham, currently U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, to carry out an investigation into the origins of the fraudulent accusation of Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign during the 2016 presidential election. Durham is a hard-nosed investigator, who was supported by both Democratic Senators during his confirmation hearing as U.S. Attorney in 2017.

According to Harper, a regular contributor to the highly credible “Sic Semper Tyrannis” blog of Col. Pat Lang (ret.),

“Barr rejected the idea of appointing a new special prosecutor.... Durham, who has been quietly conducting his probe for weeks, is not restricted by the limited mandates of a special prosecutor. Barr has solicited and gotten cooperation from DNI Coats and CIA Director Haspel to extend the probe into involvement of intelligence officials (Brennan, Clapper and their key aides) in the foisting of the Trump-Russia saga and the obtaining of tainted ‘evidence’ to secure FISA warrants.”

Durham has a long history of investigating wrongdoing in the intelligence and law enforcement community. In the late 1999 he successfully exposed the FBI frame-up of four men in Boston for multiple murders they did not commit, in an operation to protect organized-crime boss and FBI informant Whitey Bulger, who had the FBI agents on his payroll. The convictions of the four men were overturned, but two had died in prison; the other two were released and the FBI man responsible sentenced to 10 years in prison. The U.S. Attorney in Boston who sent the four innocent men up? Robert Swan Mueller.

Durham successfully investigated other mafia operations, and also headed the investigations into the CIA destruction of videotapes of CIA torture at Iraq’s notorious Abu Ghraib prison, and later of the CIA “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal, one of the most fanatic of the “Russian collusion” wackos in the Congress, was furious at the appointment of Durham, even though he had supported his appointment as U.S. Attorney. He accused Trump and Barr of pushing a “conspiracy theory” against Obama’s intelligence team by calling on Durham to do an “unprofessional and unbecoming job.” He said Durham risked sullying his record as a “straight shooter,” and to “degrade the career professions who devote their lives to law enforcement.” Perhaps the good Senator is worried that he may also be exposed with malfeasance in the investigation.

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