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NASA Video Reveals Moon Is the Source and ‘Checkpoint for All that Lies Beyond’

May 19, 2019 (EIRNS)—A new video, “We Are Going, produced by NASA shows the far greater challenge and potential of the “Moon by 2024” mission in comparison to the United States’ manned landings on the Moon a half-century ago. Presenting an array of new rocketry and manned capsules in action and under development, the NASA astronauts and engineers promise, “We’re going to the Moon this time to stay.” But more, the Moon is the launch pad, the new space coast, and the source of both fuel and supplies for missions to Mars and beyond; mankind will explore the Solar System from the Moon.

“In 2009 we learned that the Moon contains millions of tons of water ice,” the technicians say.

“This ice can [make] water, oxygen for breathing, or hydrogen for rocket fuel. The Moon is uniquely suited to prepare us, and propel us to Mars and beyond.... This we can replicate throughout the Solar System.”

No suggestion is made of competition or conflict in space; rather “We go to the Moon and on to Mars to seek knowledge and understanding, and to share it with all.”

“We turn towards the Moon now, not as a conclusion, but as preparation,” says narrator William Shatner, “as a checkpoint toward all that lies beyond.”

The short video is available on NASA’s homepage.

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