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Chinese Media Responses to Attacks on Huawei and Trade War Are Getting Increasingly Nasty

May 26, 2019 (EIRNS)—The tone of the Global Times editorial calling Steve Bannon a fascist is now typical of the level of acrimony in the Chinese media against Washington’s policies, which they charge are targeting China’s fundamental economic system and “core interests.” For example, a May 25 Xinhua article stated that “At the negotiating table [of the recent trade talks], the U.S. government presented a number of arrogant demands to China, including restricting the development of state-owned enterprises.... Obviously, this is beyond the scope of trade negotiations and touches on China’s fundamental economic system. This shows that behind the United States trade war against China, it is trying to invade China’s economic sovereignty and force China to damage its core interests.” Xinhua stated further that the U.S. is committed to “forcing China to change its development path.”

A May 24 Global Times editorial similarly warned that China had to prepare for a “protracted war” on the trade front.

“An increasing number of signs show the China-U.S. trade war will turn out to be a protracted war. Washington, which reached the current situation through sheer bravado, is starting to panic. It is gambling by imposing restrictions on Chinese companies like Huawei, hoping to crush China’s will. But China will not yield. Chinese society is swiftly mobilizing to unite against U.S. pressure and a possible long-term trade war. To defend China’s economic sovereignty, it is worth bearing some short-term pain. The process will stimulate the country to make more breakthroughs in key technology fields and make China stronger.”

The editorial warned that the U.S. policy will backfire on it internationally. “Countries will have a more profound assessment on U.S. bullying. If Washington can play hardball with a strong China, it will more likely coerce other small and medium countries and force them to submit. Second, leading companies worldwide might realize that U.S. enterprises’ stable cooperation with them comes at a price—they must be obedient to the U.S. The cruel fact that the U.S. would resort to anything to bring its rivals to its knees will be remembered by most people and powers across the world.”

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