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FBI, National Institutes of Health in Latest Racist Purge of Chinese Scientists, Witch Hunt at Emory Lab

June 3, 2019 (EIRNS)—Just one month after three Chinese scientists conducting research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston were fired under direct orders from the FBI and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which was being directed by the FBI to run the purge, two Chinese-Americans, a husband and wife team, both U.S. citizens, were summarily fired from their biomedical lab at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, , their Chinese research assistants were fired, and the lab closed. Neuroscientists Li Xiaojiang and his wife, Li Shihua, who have worked at Emory for 23 years, are widely published and praised for their work on Huntington’s disease, working with mice and pigs to find a cure. They are charged with “failing to fully disclose foreign sources of research funding and the extent of their work for research institutions and universities in China,” according to a statement from the university.

Science magazine reports, however, that all of the scientists’ published papers list their funding and their collaboration with Chinese labs and institutions. Li Xiaojiang strongly denied the charges, and is furious that neither he nor his wife were pre-notified of the firing nor given a chance to respond to the charges.

“I was shocked that Emory University would terminate a tenured professor in such an unusual and abrupt fashion and close our combined lab consisting of a number of graduates and postdoctoral trainees without giving me specific details for the reasons behind my termination,”

Li said in a statement.

Li further stated:

“I have disclosed my Chinese research activity to Emory University each year since 2012. I have provided documents requested by Emory University during the investigation of my research activity in China since early November 2018.”

The FBI had seized their emails, as they have from at least 190 Chinese scientists around the country whom the NIH has targetted.

This racist and diabolical witch hunt, undermining scientific progress internationally as well as feeding the anti-China campaign politically, was launched last year under the direction of Bill Priestap, the head of the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI until recently, who made it clear in Congressional testimony in 2018 that the target was China:

“It is impossible to overstate the differences between the American and Chinese systems. China is an authoritarian, one-party state where the Chinese Communist Party reigns supreme. At the Chinese Communist Party’s direction, the Chinese government dominates every facet of Chinese life, through actions such as central economic planning, Internet and media censorship, and leveraging intrusive technologies.”

Not surprisingly, Priestap was also involved in the Russiagate coup attempt against President Donald Trump.

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