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Gateway Pundit Interviews Binney on Proof There Was ‘No Hack’ by Russia of DNC

June 5, 2019 (EIRNS)—One American News Network last night took due note of Gateway Pundit story titled “Esteemed NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney Says He Has Evidence DNC Was Not Hacked; The Mueller Report and the Rosenstein Indictment Is All Based on Lies!” OAN aired the news scroll on the story: “Former NSA Analyst: DNC No Hack by Russians or Anyone Else.”

Gateway Pundit quotes Binney from an interview he gave to Status Coup on May 31, which aired June 2:

“The problem with the Mueller report and the Rosenstein indictment is it’s all based on lies. I mean the fact they’re still lying about the, saying the DNC was hacked by the Russians and the Russians gave it to WikiLeaks.

“Well, we had some of our people and our group, the VIPS, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals [for Sanity], look at the data that WikiLeaks posted on the DNC data. They actually posted the DNC data....

“[T]hat entire set of data was read to a thumb drive or a CD-ROM, then physically transported. Now this is what Kim Dotcom is saying. This is what Julian Assange basically was inferring. Others have been saying the same things....”

Note that Status Coup is a “progressive” YouTube site favoring Bernie Sanders.

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