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Could John Bolton Be on His Way Out? He Swears There Are ‘No Divisions’ in Trump Administration

June 12, 2019 (EIRNS)—Speaking yesterday in Washington at the Wall Street Journal’s CFO Network annual meeting, National Security Adviser John Bolton took time out of his speech about enhanced U.S. cybersecurity capabilities, to insist that there were absolutely no policy divisions in the Trump Administration, as some media have insisted.

In fact, Bolton said, according to the Wall Street Journal,

“we have substantial reason to believe that North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia and China have made a decision to—and you can see it publicly—to try to sow disinformation about the administration, and to say that the President and his advisors are divided.”

The U.S. media are complicit in spreading such misinformation as well, he charged. When asked about reports that President Donald Trump appeared to break with him on such key issues as North Korea or Iran, Bolton replied that no, this is just disinformation spread by the media.

One could assume that Bolton is worried about his job. Writing in “Bolton’s Long Goodbye” in Consortium News today, former CIA counterintelligence officer, whistleblower, and VIPS member John Kiriakou says that his many contacts across Washington’s political spectrum tell him that Bolton’s days are numbered. The idea that the five above-named countries spend their time conspiring on how to embarrass Bolton, is laughable, he said, and suggests a more likely scenario is that Trump is not happy that Bolton has aired his disagreements with the President in the media on key foreign policy issues. Trump sees his legacy as the President who got the U.S. out of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but Bolton is the reason this hasn’t happened yet, and that the U.S. is still involved in the Yemen war, Kiriakou remarks.

According to Kiriakou, Trump’s acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has quietly held private meetings with a half-dozen potential replacements for Bolton.

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