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Chinese Ambassador Tells Britain, Blocking Huawei from U.K. 5G Network Sends ‘Very Bad Signal’

June 13, 2019 (EIRNS)—In an exclusive interview with BBC’s Newsnight yesterday, Chinese Ambassador to London Liu Xiaoming said blocking Huawei from Britain’s 5G network would send a “very bad signal” to other Chinese companies. Asked what the consequences would be, “if Britain decides not to use it [Huawei] at all?” Liu replied to BBC’s Marc Urban:

“Huawei is a good company. It is a leader in 5G. They are here for win-win cooperation with their British counterparts. And they contribute tremendously not only to telecom industry in this country, but they employ 7,000 people. In terms of win-win collaboration, if the U.K. collaborates with Huawei, there will be promising future for both sides,”

he said, according to the transcript provided by China’s embassy, and published by Global Times today. “I think it would send a very bad message not only to Huawei but also to Chinese businesses. Will the U.K. remain open? Will the U.K. still be a business friendly environment for Chinese companies? It would send a very bad signal.”

“Negative effects on trade?” asked Urban.

“Yes, bad. Not just on trade but also on investment,” said Liu. “For the past five years, the investment from China exceeded the total investment in the previous 30 years. So, Chinese investments are booming in this country. In the last year it increased by 14%, but if you shut the door for Huawei, it will send a very bad and negative message to other Chinese businesses.”

London has not yet banned the company from participating in the 5G network despite pressure from Washington. Sputnik reported today that, according to BBC, which had seen the draft letter, Britain’s telephone network operators have reportedly asked the government to clarify its position on Huawei, over fears it could impact the country’s 5G ambitions.

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