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William Binney Interviewed on a Leading Leftist Blog in Sweden

June 13, 2019 (EIRNS)—The blog “Global Politics” is run by medical doctor Prof. Med Anders Romelsjo and is the most influential leftist blog in Sweden. Romelsjo has taken a lead in the campaign to defend Julian Assange in Sweden. He interviewed former U.S. National Security Agency Technical Director William Binney—a whistleblower and founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)—on June 9, and posted it this morning. The interview, in English, efficiently introduces the main points of Russiagate to the Scandinavian populace. No doubt, it will be circulated. The 43-minute video interview covered a lot of issues, as he explains himself in the presentation of his interview, “Talking with William Binney. Conversation with Whistleblower William Binney, Technical Director of NSA, on Russiagate, NSA, Assange, 9/11, etc.”)

Romelsjo writes:

“Sunday I did my first Skype interview. I had the pleasure and privilege to interview and talk to engaged William Binney, former technical director at NSA, the world’s biggest surveillance and spy organization. William Binney is one of the world’s most well-known whistleblowers, and he provided new knowledge on various issues (for me who has published many blog articles on these issues). We talked about 45 minutes about the NSA, Russiagate, the Mueller investigation, DNC, democracy, freedom of expression, Julian Assange, the role of the media, Försvarets Radioanstalt (FRA) [Sweden’s National Defense Radio Establishment], the Swedish analogue of NSA and other issues. Bill Binney stressed that he was anxious to provide his knowledge to the new Barr investigation about the origins of ‘Russiagate.’ He provided several other pieces of new information for me.”

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