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Seoul President Moon Hopes To Meet Kim Jong Un Before Trump’s Late-June Visit to Korea

June 13, 2019 (EIRNS)—South Korean President Moon Jae-in voiced hope yesterday that he can meet with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to the peninsula at the end of this month.

“President Trump is visiting Korea at the end of June, and if possible, [my] meeting Chairman Kim before that would be desirable,” Moon said after delivering a keynote speech on his “Peace for the People” vision at the Oslo Forum, in Norway, yesterday, the Korea Herald reported today.

“I am prepared to meet Chairman Kim at any time. In the end, whether we meet, or setting the time of the meeting, is down to Chairman Kim’s choice.”

Moon’s offer came amid renewed expectations for a possible breakthrough in efforts to restart nuclear talks following the news of Kim’s latest personal letter to Trump, news of which became public June 11. Moon said he knew of Kim’s plan to send the letter to Trump, and he was informed by Washington of it later as well. He said Washington also briefed him on its contents. Now that the leaders continue to exchange such “warm letters,” Moon said, dialogue momentum is being maintained, the Korea Times reported.

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