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Baltimore Sun Covers LaRouche Activist, ‘Snub of Russia on D-Day a Worrisome Omission’

June 14, 2019 (EIRNS)—The Baltimore Sun on June 10 posted a letter by LaRouche activist Doug Mallouk, criticizing the exclusion of Russia from the 75th anniversary of D-Day commemorations in France, and the Sun’s coverage. Run under the headline, “Snub of Russia on D-Day a Worrisome Omission,” Mallouk states, “By making the outrageous decision to pointedly snub, to un-invite Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leader of the nation that did the most (by far) to crush the Wehrmacht, they dishonored no one so much as themselves.

“The pathetic rationale for that insult, reported in the Baltimore Sun (‘World Leaders Honor D-Day Veterans,’ June 6), is that ‘Russia was not involved in D-Day.’ Excuse me? What made the Normandy landing plan even thinkable as a strategy was the fact that the then-Soviet Union was tying down, pushing back the overwhelming bulk of Hitler’s troops on a battlefront 1,500 miles away.”

The article covers many more points, and on June 13, it was re-posted on the website of the American Committee for East-West Accord.

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