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Malaysia’s Mahathir Once More Debunks Accusation against Russia over the Downing of MH17

June 20, 2019 (EIRNS)—On June 19, the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) investigators charged three Russians and a Ukrainian with murder over the July 17, 2014 shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, in which 298 people were killed in the Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight over eastern Ukraine. Immediately, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad responded, “We are very unhappy. From the very beginning, it became a political issue on how to accuse Russia of the wrongdoing, even before they examined,” he charged. JIT has called for the arrest of the four individuals they charged.

“Even before they examined the case, they have already claimed [the shooting down of MH17] was done by Russia,” Dr. Mahathir told reporters at the Prime Minister’s Department in Kuala Lumpur. “As far as we are concerned, we want proof of guilt [that Russia did it]. But so far, there is no proof, only hearsay. This is a ridiculous thing. Someone shoots a gun and you are not able to see who, but you know who shot,” said Dr. Mahathir, The Star Online Malaysian daily reported.

On May 30, when the JIT accused Russia, during a dialogue and media conference with the Japanese Foreign Correspondent Club at Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Mahathir remarked, “they are accusing Russia, but where is the evidence? We know the missile that brought down the plane is a Russian-type missile, but it could also be made in Ukraine. You need strong evidence to show it was fired by the Russians,” The Star reported.

“It could be by the rebels in Ukraine, it could be the Ukrainian government because they too have the same missile,” he stated.

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