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Tucker Carlson Charges Permanent Establishment Wants War

June 21, 2019—Tucker Carlson charged on his nightly show on Fox News on Thursday night, June 20, that the war party in Washington is deploying U.S. troops in such a way as to provoke a conflict which will trigger the war in Iran they seek.

Carlson put it this way in his segment called “Hungry for War”: “The permanent foreign policy establishment in Washington”—John Bolton, Bill Kristol, New York Times writer Bret Stephens cited as exemplary—“want a war badly. That’s why they are putting American troops in a position where conflict is evitable, in order to start a war—and everyone in Washington knows it, because they have seen it before.”

President Donald Trump does not desire that war, Carlson said, and one of the reasons he was elected, is that he said that U.S. wars in the Middle East were a mistake.

Interestingly, this week, Carlson also ran a frontal attack on the Koch brothers—for years, the “single most important funders of Republican politics in Washington,” he points out. Conservatives and Republicans, he suggests, might want to rethink their relationship with these “libertarian ideologues.”

Among the evidence he marshals, Carlson includes the Koch brothers’ campaign for cuts to Social Security and Medicare; their efforts to kill a bill to prevent drug companies from charging Americans more than they charge abroad; their role in “the 2017 tax cut, which was far better for corporate America than it was for the middle class”; their support for abolishing all usury laws; and support for the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, “which would cut required penalties for heroin and cocaine traffickers in half ... in the middle of the deadliest drug epidemic in American history.”

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