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Illinois Legalizes Cannabis, Missouri Doctors Rebel, and EIR Exposes ‘Menticide by Marijuana’

June 26, 2019 (EIRNS)—This week Illinois became the 11th state to approve of marijuana use for “recreational” purposes, allowing individuals small amounts for personal use and sale. An overlapping grouping of states permits marijuana for “medical” purposes. No matter what the distinctions, terms and conditions, all the measures are the same in their destructive effects. Many physicians, medics, emergency workers, police, lawmakers and citizens are not giving up in fighting to roll back this dirty operation to dope and kill people.

EIR’s June 28 issue has published a feature on “Menticide by Marijuana” comprised of two articles: “The Past Is Prologue—Marijuana Legalization: The Murder of Our Youth,” by Denise Ham, which reviews a new book, Tell Your Children the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence, by Alex Berenson; and “Medical Marijuana Is a Fraud,” by Ned Rosinsky, MD.

In Missouri, a fight is underway in the aftermath of a November 2018 ballot referendum, which legalized so-called medical marijuana. In brief, physicians in Missouri’s American Medical Association opposed the referendum, and since it passed, many physicians remain staunch in refusing to certify that their patients can use “medical” marijuana.

Now pot “clinics” have sprung up in Missouri, which on the outside are urgent care clinics that might otherwise treat a non-emergent medical problem, but which are being abused for the small fee for the visit to certify that a patient “needs” marijuana.

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