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Global Times Editorializes, Pompeo’s ‘Phenomenally Abominable’ Diplomacy ‘Unsettles the World’

June 26, 2019 (EIRNS)—For the second day in a row, under the headline, “Pompeo’s Diplomacy Unsettles the World,” China’s Global Times scathingly editorialized against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warning that his “extreme political bias and arrogant ideological clamor are phenomenally abominable.” Pompeo is attempting to transform U.S. diplomacy “in a way that astonishes the world, but refuses to be reformed by diplomacy,” the daily declares.

Global Times recalls that when Pompeo was a congressman (2011-17), he authored 24 pieces of anti-China legislation and exerted pressure on China in a variety of ways. Now, as Secretary of State, “he has even more ways to oppose China. He is becoming hysterical, using his power to blend his personal anti-China will with U.S. national policy.” His June 2018 speech at the Detroit Economic Club was instructive, the daily reports, writing:

“Feeling uncomfortable with certain successful economies that have not adopted the U.S. model, he claimed that ‘the dynamism, the creativity and the innovation ... can only happen in a political environment like ours.’ ”

“Like ours”? In an April 15 speech at Texas A&M University, Pompeo boasted that when he was CIA Director (January 2017-April 2018), “we lied, we cheated, we stole ... it was like we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.” The Chinese people will remember Pompeo as a representative “who breaks the bottom line of U.S. diplomatic ethics. Letting such a person dominate U.S. diplomacy will unsettle the world and put global peace at risk,” Global Times warns.

Note that today, the Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency quoted the North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman urging Washington to exclude Pompeo from any nuclear negotiations between the two countries, to ensure progress in the stalled talks, according to the Korea Times. The spokesman referred to Pompeo’s recent claim that Western sanctions were affecting 80% of North Korea’s economy, calling it sophistry. “If the U.S.-led sanctions affect more than 80% of the North Korean economy, is it the goal of the U.S. to raise the figure to 100%?” the official demanded to know.

“If U.S. policymakers with a sense of hostility against the North keep engaging in the negotiations, it will be hard for the two sides to improve bilateral relations and achieve denuclearization of the peninsula,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman warned. Pompeo’s remark “is the pinnacle of hostility against the North, and this also goes against the joint declaration signed by the leaders of the two countries in Singapore” last year.

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