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China’s Foreign Ministry Rips into Pompeo’s Anti-Belt and Road ‘Spell’

June 27, 2019 (EIRNS)—China is obviously getting sick and tired of the rants of the U.S. Secretary of State against the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Today, Chinese Foreign Ministry Geng Shuang blasted Mike Pompeo for his comments during his India visit, where he said that the Belt and Road comes “with shackles.”

Geng Shuang suggested that the Secretary of State must be “under a spell or something” since he “has been so obsessed with the BRI, talking about it wherever he goes.” However, “it seems his attacks and slanders against the BRI are not working. … Why is that so? He should give it some thought,” Geng went on, trying to help.

“If the BRI indeed comes with shackles, like he said, why are so many countries and international organizations actively participating in and supporting it? If not the BRI projects, whose help can these countries look up to in terms of boosting infrastructure and economic development? Will the U.S., who has been chanting ‘America first,’ do it? Will it actually take concrete measures to help them and offer them funds?”

Geng demanded to know.

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