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Col. Macgregor Explains, Trump Will Bring Peace to Northeast Asia Despite Neocons

July 2, 2019 (EIRNS)—Col. Douglas Macgregor (ret.) on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox Monday night before the interview with President Donald Trump was broadcast, powerfully described Trump’s successful diplomacy in regard to North Korea. “President Trump is going to bring peace to Northeast Asia whether the neocons like it or not,” he said.

Colonel Macgregor has been a long-standing critic of the “Washington establishment” both in politics and in the military. William Craddick recently argued for President Trump to replace John Bolton with Colonel Macgregor as National Security Adviser.

Macgregor describes Trump as the “great disruptor” of the status quo, a status quo which in Korea has meant a permanent state of war, permanent deployment of troops, and a huge “money flow.” Trump knows, he said, that North Korea desperately needs help, that it could “fall apart in ways we don’t want—and I’m sure Trump discussed this with President Xi.” He continued: “We don’t want a war on the Peninsula under any circumstances. No one in Northeast Asia does. So Trump has the courage to step forward and make it clear that we will contribute to a peaceful outcome.”

Macgregor said two steps should be done next: first, declare an end to the war, which would effectively take the use of force off the table; second, turn operational control, which, in the case of war, now lies with the U.S. forces, over to the South Koreans. “That would say, South Korea is sovereign,” and that “decisions would be made by Koreans, not us. After all, it is their country not ours,” he concluded.

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