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China Blasts British Imperialists Who Back ‘Color Revolutions’ Everywhere

July 3, 2109 (EIRNS)—While British Prime Minister wannabe Boris Johnson and lame duck Theresa May continued today to praise violent demonstrators in Hong Kong and demanded that China respect their “human rights,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang blasted Britain’s shameless insistence that it should have some say in how China manages affairs in Britain’s former Crown Colony, which ended with its return to China on July 1, 1997.

Geng particularly took aim at Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who demanded on July 1 that China keep its “hands off” the violent protesters and “respect” democratic values.

It seems that Hunt, Geng said,

“is still basking in the faded glory of colonialism and obsessed in the bad habit of condescendingly criticizing other countries’ affairs and keeping talking sheer nonsense without showing any repentance at all.

“The U.K. has no sovereignty and no right to rule or supervise Hong Kong after the handover, not to mention any so-called responsibility. It has been flattering itself that it’s a guardian for Hong Kong, which is nothing more than wishful thinking.”

Moreover, “it’s simply shameless to say that the freedoms of the Hong Kong people were negotiated for them by the U.K.” Geng pointed out that under the British Empire, Hong Kong’s citizens had few democratic rights, and that these were only guaranteed by China after Britain handed over the colony.

Add to this, on July 2 the Global Times editorial slams forces in the West for trying to foment a “color revolution” and “riots” in Hong Kong.

“The storming and vandalizing of the Hong Kong Legislative Council building by some extremists has sent a shock wave. It has sounded the alarm for Hong Kong society that such a deplorable scene, in which rule of law was trampled upon, happened in the international financial center.” It strikes the hypocrisy of Western nations that crack down on violent demonstrations at home, but abroad

“back almost all riots and even color revolutions that go against their governments. The West has been lending strong spiritual support to violent protests around the world. On many occasions, non-governmental organizations, diplomats and intelligence agencies of the West have acted behind the curtain to escalate riots.”

In its editorial today, China Daily makes the appropriate point that “ideologues in Western governments never cease in their efforts to engineer unrest against governments that are not to their liking, even though their actions have caused misery and chaos in country after country in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.”

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