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The Same Incompetents as Before Are Nominated for Top EU Posts

July 3, 2109 (EIRNS)—The EU establishment shows no intent to go for any constructive change of policies: the wheeling and dealing of the EU Council July 1-3 summit over the nominations for the replacement at the top posts of the EU has not generated any sign of reflection about the changing realities. The nominations are: Christine Lagarde for the ECB; Ursula von der Leyen for the EU Commission; Charles Michel (Belgium) for Council President; Josep Borrell Torelles (Spain) for High Representative for Foreign Affairs; a socialist (name not agreed on yet) for European Parliament President.

It is particularly noteworthy that the German business daily Handelsblatt welcomed the nomination of IMF Managing Director Lagarde as European Central Bank president, on the condition that the bank’s chief economist Philip Lane play a leading role in shaping its future orientation. Lane, who is Irish, is a vocal advocate of the ECB promoting climate-related financial markets, which are thorough boondoggle, and of the so-called European Safe Bonds, another hyperinflationary boondoggle.

All of the new EU leader candidates stand for the disorientation and degeneracy that is so characteristic for “Europe.” It is like plundering Madame Tussaud’s salon, not for the prominents in wax but only for their costumes. Von der Leyen’s two vice presidents will be Frans Timmermans (Dutch) and Margarete Vestager (Danish).

Whether these candidates are approved by the European Parliament in its session July 15 or 16, however, is up in the air, because the fact that neither the results of the European Parliament elections nor the views of the different groups in the newly-elected Parliament have played a role—instead the nominations have been decreed by the EU leaders—is causing discontent among MEPs. From the side of the German Greens and the German Social Democrats, Von der Leyen is already rejected.

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