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Darroch Played Delphic ‘Trump Supporter,’ While Inside Russiagate Coup Effort

July 8, 2019 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump on Sunday evening, questioned about by a reporter about the revelation of British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch’s cables about him, identified the U.K. as “trouble” for his Presidency. “You know, we’ve had trouble with a couple of countries,” the President responded. “And with the U.K., with the Ambassador—he certainly has not done his job well. We’re not fans of that man, and he has not served his country well, I can tell you that.”

As already reported, Darroch’s cables discussed the British strategy of “flooding the zone” around Trump by making contact with his friends inside and especially outside the White House, and pushing British policies and strategies with them.

In a Nov. 13, 2018 CBS interview with Darroch, he pushed “flooding the zone” publicly: “British leaders also recognize the need to communicate with the president’s circle of outside advisers and look at Twitter a bit more often than we used to.”

The approach sounds similar to the way British intelligence approached Trump campaign advisors in 2016 in Britain and worked to push them into appearing to cooperate with “Russian” agents. Both British tactics make a Justice Department counterintelligence investigation into British interference, immediately imperative.

The Darroch cables so far revealed in the U.K. Daily Mail don’t include any from 2016. But a June 2017 cable quoted by the Mail makes clear that Darroch was all in on Russiagate: “There could have been active collusion between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence,” he wrote, “especially over the timing of release of hacked emails from inside the Clinton camp. Dodgy Russian financiers may have bailed out the Trump and Kushner enterprises when both were at risk of bankruptcy in previous decades.” And, “Trump’s attempts to close down the FBI investigation might amount to obstruction of justice.”

Newsmax writer John Gizzi provided a counterview on how Darroch was imposing British policy, saying that “sources close to the British Foreign Office” told him the Daily Mail quotations are out of context or misused, and that Darroch is a “staunch supporter” among diplomats, of Trump’s foreign policy actions. Which ones? The attacks on Syria, Gizzi was told, and Trump’s challenges to NATO to increase military spending. Apparently also the current hawk policy on Iran, because Gizzi’s sources say Darroch was only criticizing Trump on Iran in the first half of 2017—when Trump was staying in the JCPOA and certifying Iran as compliant. The sources told Gizzi that “[Darroch] consistently encouraged British officials and Prime Minister Theresa May to engage with Trump and the Administration, suggesting they were open to fresh and innovative points of view.” British points of view—this, too, appears to refer to the “flooding the zone” strategy.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage yesterday called for Darroch to be fired. Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, who chairs Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said he had written to the chief of London’s Metropolitan Police asking for a criminal investigation into the leak, according to AP. Foreign Office Minister, MP Alan Duncan told the House of Commons that there would be a cross-government investigation, and “If evidence of criminality is found then yes the police could be involved.”

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