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Acting Director of IMF Is a Sachs Maniac

July 17, 2019 (EIRNS)—David Lipton, who has been First Deputy Director of the IMF since 2011, has replaced Christine Lagarde as acting director since she became head of the European Central Bank. His history is rather frightening.

Besides serving stints in Citibank risk management, in Clinton’s Treasury, and as Special Economic Advisor to Obama, he teamed up with non-other than Jeffrey Sachs from 1989 to 1992, to oversee the “transition to capitalism” in Russia, Poland and Slovenia. I.e., he was the partner in crime to the “shock therapy” in Russia for which Sachs is infamous, which looted the country to the bone, lowered the average age of death drastically, and depleted the population, all while western carpetbaggers were making a fortune, and a handful of Maggie Thatcher-trained oligarchs were given the state sector industries for nothing, becoming overnight billionaires.

See Genocide—Russia and the New World Order, by Sergei Glazyev, translated by EIR.

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