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Britain Confronts Truth with Censorship

July 19, 2019 (EIRNS)—Consortium News has reported nearly simultaneous malware attacks against Consortium News’ website and censorship targetting Julian Assange’s support base:

“Consortium News was under attack on Monday, days after the premiere episode of the outlet’s live-streamed show, CN Live! The malicious attempt to shut down the website, according to the site’s web host, followed on the heels of the suspension of pro-Assange account Unity4J from Twitter.”

The online newspaper tweeted on July 15: “Our website is completely down. Our media host said we have been attacked by malware. They actually tried to blame ‘the Russians’! Every article published since 2011 now gets a 404 Not Found. They are working on it. Problem started slowly on Friday first day of CN Live!”

Julian Assange is now confronting legal threats from both the British and U.S. government that can only be countered to the extent the public is kept abreast of developments through non-establishment outlets, including Consortium News.

On June 5, YouTube, owned by Google, deleted the LaRouche Political Action Committee video, “The Special Relationship Is for Traitors,” an historically accurate account of the British Empire attempt to reincorporate the United States into its sphere of influence.

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