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Some Developments in the British Empire’s Attempted Coup against President Trump

Aug. 1, 2019 (EIRNS)—There were three developments in the coup attempt against President Donald Trump worth noting over the past 24 hours. The first is that despite Robert Mueller’s mentally challenged performance in his July 24 testimony to the Congress, the number of Representatives who support starting impeachment proceedings has now risen to 118, more than half the Democratic Representatives in the House.  

The second development, widely broadcast today, is that the Department of Justice has declined to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey for leaking classified FBI memos to his friend in order to facilitate the appointment ofRobert Mueller as Special Counsel. The decision not to prosecute on this charge does not mean Comey is now home free, but that the prosecutors understood that this particular case against Comey was weak, when there are stronger potential criminal cases against him. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz had made the criminal referral of Comey some time back, but the fact that the leaked memos were classified by the FBI only after Comey leaked them, made it a weak case.

Finally, Roger Stone has continued to pound on the truth as his defense in his criminal case, filing two new motions on July 26. These motions are significant, regardless of their chances for immediate relief from the openly hostile Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Here we report on the second one, in which Stone has asked to subpoena CrowdStrike, the Democratic Party vendor which investigated the alleged DNC computer intrusion. As has been widely reported, James Comey’s FBI performed no independent forensics on the DNC computers, and instead accepted the word of CrowdStrike’s Dmitri Alperovitch, a wildly anti-Russian propagandist who has done bogus Russian hack attributions in the past.  Discovery by Stone in his criminal case has already unearthed the fact that the FBI did not even have complete reports from CrowdStrike. The company only gave the FBI redacted draft reports of its findings. Stone is seeking the actual unredacted reports for his trial.

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