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Trump Spoke of ‘Human Space Flight’ Goal in His Cincinnati ‘Keep America Great’ Rally

Aug. 2, 2019 (EIRNS)—For the first time in a recent rally President Donald Trump raised the space program as a policy for re-election. He spoke last evening in Cincinnati, to a packed house in the U.S. Bank Arena, for a “Keep America Great” rally. He began the speech, thematically, with rebuilding the inner cities (in light of the Baltimore discussion), then he addressed the trade deals like NAFTA and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), rebuilding steel plants, the immigration crisis, and lowering drug prices with new import abilities. But eventually he came to a short, scripted reference to his space program, stating: “We are investing in the future of human space flight. Americans won the race to the Moon, and we will now win the race to Mars.” He followed off-script with a reference to “winning the race for great, great strategic defense and offense also,” and then moved on to the Iran situation, and many items in his list of accomplishments.

This pointed reference to the space program marks an important change since his last rally in North Carolina, which was largely a speech from 2016 in content, without a vision for the second term, and the same was true for his July 13 visit to Wisconsin. The Cincinnati event is the first time that his rally speech featured his commitment to Moon-Mars human exploration, the clearest policy he has for a successful economic program. It is necessary if not sufficient, and gives us even more reason to escalate the LaRouche PAC petition “We Commit To the Moon-Mars Mission.”

It is also of note, on the green front, that Trump expanded on how he has “ended the war on American energy.” Stating strong support for coal, he ridiculed windmills and solar. On windmills: they kill birds, wear out, need subsidies, are noisy, drive down property values, but “other than that,” he joked, they are OK. “Solar is peanuts,” he dismissed. He extolled the U.S.A. being No. 1 in gas and oil. He did not mention nuclear.

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