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Britain Passes Most Extreme Climate Law

Aug. 4, 2019 (EIRNS)—At the same time that the City of London maneuvers to make itself the hub of the green anti-technology speculative bubble, it is moving to shut down its physical economy.

On June 25, the Parliament passed into a law a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, which the Vox news website described in its June 27 headline as “the most aggressive climate target in the world.”

Vox wrote, “The United Kingdom signed a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions into law ... becoming the first G7 country to set such a goal, and cementing the most aggressive transition toward clean energy in the world to date.... It is legally-binding based on the recommendations from Parliament’s Committee on Climate Change.”

Then Prime Minister Theresa May affixed her signature to make it law.

By being the first to sign such a suicide pact, the British hope to put pressure on other nations to do likewise. Germany’s Angela Merkel is pushing for similar legislation in Germany, and nut-case new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wants to impose this standard upon all of the European Union.

The Vox article stated that regarding the British legislation,

“achieving these ambitions means that by 2035, all new cars must be electric. Forests must expand from covering 13% of land today to 17% by 2050. All buildings must be retrofitted and decarbonized. People must consume less meat. Thermostats in the winter should be set no higher than 19° Celsius [66°F].”

Other Brits have said that cuts in goods consumption must be deeper.

The new law was passed shortly after the U.K. went for two weeks without burning coal for electricity, the longest stretch without coal since the industrial revolution. The Vox article displayed a chart showing that U.K. CO2 emissions today have fallen to below 1890 levels.

Extinction Rebellion was far from satisfied with this draconian schedule. In a post, the Extinction Rebellion wrote, “Let’s not mince words, 2050 is a death sentence; people are already dying and this will only get worse with far off dates. Were we to put our minds to it to address the threat, the U.K. could embrace transformative change and decarbonize in years not decades.”

The June 25 law makes clear that the British oligarchy is “all in” in making its green financial bubble the dominant—and maybe only—element of the British economy.

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