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Dennis Meadows Boasts, Rise of Green Brand of Authoritarianism Is Unavoidable

PARIS, Aug. 6, 2019 (EIRNS)—In a feature on the existential threat of climate deregulation published on July 30, by Libération, the French daily presents a short quote from Dennis Meadows, co-author of the Malthusian Limits to Growth fraud published by the Club of Rome in 1972, and now a scientist at MIT. In 1972, only Lyndon LaRouche and his associates had the courage to immediately expose the Limits to Growth as a scientific and epistemological fraud, in a pamphlet headlined “Blueprint for Extinction,” which demonstrated that Meadows and Forrester’s program would require a special brand of “fascism with a human face” for its implementation.

Libération quotes Meadows as saying: “Climate deregulation, combined with the depletion of cheap fossil energy over the century, will eliminate the foundations of the current model of industrial civilization. We already observe a growing chaos such as uncontrolled migrations of populations between poor countries and in the direction of the richest. Chaos will worsen notably because it always provokes growing food shortages. We learned from history one absolute rule: When people have to choose between order and freedom, they will always choose order. The rise of authoritarianism is unavoidable. Personally, I’m very happy to live in a democracy. But we have to recognize that democracies don’t solve the existential problems of our time: climate deregulation, depletion of energy reserves, soil erosion, the rising income gap between rich and poor, etc.

“Do individual freedoms have to be given up to solve that? This issue implies that society has a capacity to anticipate and achieve proactive changes. I don’t see any proof of that. Personal freedoms are already restricted and this trend will continue. That will unfortunately not solve the problems provoking chaos, but in the short term increase the political power and the financial wealth of those supporting such authoritarian measures. All the current authoritarian governments—China, North Korea, Russia, etc. [sic]—are not solving the problems of our times.” Meadows implies that his brand of authoritarianism is the ostensible solution.

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