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Forbes Backs Down to the New Green Dictators on Wall Street

Aug. 12, 2019 (EIRNS)—Forbes magazine has regularly published honest articles on climate and on the Belt and Road, despite being generally a friend of Wall Street (although in 2014 it was sold to a Hong Kong-based investment group called Integrated Whale Media Investments). However, it appears the new City of London/Wall Street decision to divert investments into anti-industry “green” investments, under the fraudulent excuse of fighting climate change, is now taking its toll on the magazine.

On Aug. 9, Forbes published an excellent and truthful article under the title: “Global Warming? An Israeli Astrophysicist Provides Alternative View That Is Not Easy To Reject,” by Doron Levin. Levin had interviewed Nir Shaviv, the astrophysicist who has collaborated with Prof. Henrik Svensmark in Denmark in pioneering the science of cosmoclimatology—the study of climate change driven by variations in galactic cosmic ray flux (with changes in solar activity being the controlling factor over decade-and-century timescales). Shaviv was the first to identify the long-term, large-scale climate change driven by the Solar System’s travels through the galaxy.

The article presents Shaviv’s work clearly, explaining that “a freshman physics student can see” that CO2 has practically no impact on climate, and that the anti-CO2 fraud is doing severe damage to the well-being of the entire world’s standard of living. Shaviv supports President Donald Trump’s rejection of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as nonsense.

But on Saturday morning, Aug. 10, any attempt to find Shaviv’s article on the Forbes website was met by a screen reading: “After review, this post has been removed for failing to meet our editorial standards”! Not only that, but a new article was posted on the website, “Why Solar Activity and Cosmic Rays Can’t Explain Global Warming,” by Dr. Marshall Shepherd, director of the Atmospheric Sciences Program at the University of Georgia’s Department of Geography. Shaviv responded to Shepherd on his blog on the website he maintains, ScienceBits.

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