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Trump Addresses New Hampshire Rally, ‘We’re Investing in Future Human Spaceflight’

Aug. 16, 2019 (EIRNS)—Seven LaRouchePAC organizers attended the Trump rally in New Hampshire yesterday, greeting the long lines waiting to get in with signboards for the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouchePAC petition “We Commit to the Moon-Mars Mission.” They met with very wide recognition of native son LaRouche and enthusiastic support for the revival of the U.S. space program, although most people were not familiar with the urgent need for a fast-track fusion program, essential for human space travel to Mars.

The President addressed the crucial issues space program with New Hampshire and other voters, telling them:

“We’re investing in the future of human spaceflight and someday soon, American astronauts will plant the Stars and Stripes on the surface of Mars.

“And I told my guys at NASA—you know NASA when we took it over, it was exhausted, the runways and the grounds that are all weeds growing through the cracks in the concrete. You wouldn’t recognize it now, it’s beautiful, it’s the best place anywhere on Earth. And I also said that you know, I hear all these rich guys for some reason they love space. ‘So they’re rich.’ I said, ‘Let them send the rockets up.’ Why the hell do we have to do it, right? So I see Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, they’re putting rockets up, I think ‘it’s great and they pay us rent.’ They use our facility. That’s great.

“But we’re also doing it and NASA has some of the greatest plans we’ve ever had. These are great people, great scientists, but we also let the private sector put up rockets, the one which recently went up and you see the engines coming back down and ... there’s no wings, no nothing. It’s almost like ‘what are we watching? Is this fiction?’

“And they come down and they save all of the propellants. All of the really—themost expensive parts, they’re able to save it by bringing it back right to where it took off. Who would think they could do this? I never saw this before six months ago, but they’re doing it now more and more. They’re saving a lot of the most important and expensive parts of rockets.”

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