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London Demands Trump Stop Pussy-Footing and Join All-Out Assault on China over Hong Kong

Aug. 20, 2019 (EIRNS)—An article in the Aug. 19 The Hill written by Larry Diamond, Hoover Institution senior fellow and the founding co-editor of the National Endowment for Democracy’s Journal of Democracy, lays out the British demand of Trump: Stop stonewalling on attacking China over the Hong Kong color revolution.

“The [Hong Kong] movement has drawn the free world’s admiration,” Diamond wrote,

“and now it’s urgent concern for what may lie ahead. Leading members of Congress of both parties, from Sen. Lindsey Graham to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have offered eloquent support for the largely peaceful protests [sic]. So have British and other European leaders, and prominent members of President Trump’s own government, including National Security Adviser John Bolton, who has never been mistaken for a bleeding heart on human rights. All have warned Beijing’s communist leaders of the consequences of using force to suppress the protests. But missing from this chorus has been the most consequential voice among the world’s democracies, that of President Trump himself.”

But Diamond is nervous about the fact that the Hong Kong “protest” movement has been widely exposed as violent and being orchestrated by both U.K. and U.S. government forces, as well as NGOs. So he recommended: “If a movement can craft a smart strategy and periodically adapt its tactics, and if it can maintain nonviolent discipline—restraining angry retaliatory impulses and provocations—it has a good chance of succeeding. The more it turns to or condones violence, or fails to restrain or isolate the violent few, the weaker its prospects.”

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