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U.K. Guardian: Environmentalism-Eugenics at Root of Recent Mass Killings

Aug. 20, 2019 (EIRNS)—On Aug. 16, the Guardian newspaper, in an article entitled “ ‘Bees, Not Refugees: The Environmentalist Roots of Anti-Immigrant Bigotry” which traces out the roots of the El Paso shooter, enviro-fascist Patrick Crusius, reveals what readers of LaRouche publications have known for a long-time: that “recent mass shootings have been linked to‘eco-xenophobia’—part of a tradition that dates to America’s first conservationists.” Three days later, the leftist Mother Jones republished the article, but with a more precise title, “Anti-Immigration White Supremacy Had Deep Roots in the Environmental Movement.”

Susie Cagle, author of the Guardian exposé, gives the background of John Tanton, the founder of the anti-immigration Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), who, as EIR documented decades ago, was a supporter of the infamous 1975-76 Paddock Plan, in which Malthusian agronomist William Paddock proclaimed, “The Mexican population must be reduced by half.... Seal the border and watch them scream.” Paddock’s policy was effectively endorsed by Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. Paddock was also on the board of Tanton’s FAIR. Previously, Tanton was a leader of the environmentalist Sierra Club and the national president of Zero Population Growth (ZPG), which was founded in 1968 by Paul Ehrlich to achieve mass elimination of population.

Although Cagle did not cover this crucial background to Tanton, she did report that Tanton set the environment for Crusius:

“A hate-filled document allegedly linked to the man suspected of killing 22 people in El Paso on Aug. 3 echoed the kind of rhetoric generally favored by the far right—and also had a decidedly environmentalist, Tanton-like bent. The document praised the Dr. Seuss character, the Lorax, who says he speaks for the trees, and complained about the unsustainable overuse of paper towels, and concluded that the best course of environmental action would be mass murder.”

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